What is The Rowdy Cowboy Show?

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The Rowdy Cowboy Show is a high energy, country themed dance party! This DJ / MC combination is not your average 'DJ playing music', but an all around experience. Our show is built off of the rule: If you ain't dancin', you better be drinkin'! 

Each show is complete with one DJ and one MC to deliver all the best banter, humor, and good ol’ fun to everyone in the bar. The DJ is always up-to-date on all the best tunes from the oldies to today. The MC is your host with the most; pushing all the drink specials, introducing the bar staff, and announcing what's going on throughout the night! Our dynamic duos, along with the highest quality  light show and sound system, keeps everyone engaged and dancin’ all night long!

We are interactive with the bar patrons and staff, as we really take pride in all-over entertainment. There are numerous crowd engagements throughout our show. Such as the Hollar & Swaller; in which we make a toast and drink with the whole bar! We also celebrate birthdays with members  in the crowd and make a big deal of large parties.

We have been sponsored since 2010 a 7 year sponsorship and built an amazing relationship with Jack Daniels which allows us to hand out tons of swag and prizes at our shows! We have games, raffles, and giveaways built into our performances to keep the crowd engaged and coming back for more.

We obviously are country music themed and driven, but we love to throw in Top-40, rock, oldies, and group dances where appropriate. This keeps those toes tappin’ and boots stompin’!

We showcase local country music as well during the "Local at 11" segment of our show. The DJ plays 1-3 local artists to keep our show connected to our communities and to support local music. 

The Black Labels Dance Team is one of our brand ambassadors and an amazing asset to our show. They are a group of dancers that perform and teach line dancing during our shows. They help keep the energy of the room high and the dance floor hoppin’. Great to sit back and watch or jump on in and learn a dance or two!

Another optional promotional team we offer is our Buckle Bunny shot gals! They are country lovin’, dress the part, and are ready to sell! Serving all the best Jack Daniels shots and making sure every corner of the bar has an opportunity to drink along with us, the Buckle Bunnies are a great way to boost liquor sales  at every show! 

The most fun you can have with your pants on!

The Rowdy Cowboy Show