The Rowdy Cowboy Show

Black Labels dance team

When we're not working our 9-5's, we're out partying and promoting The Rowdy Cowboy Show, proudly brought to you by Jack Daniels. The Black Labels Dance Team is an elite team that performs original and cutting edge line dances at many different types of venues, including Saints games, local VFWs, benefits, charities, the Xcel Energy Center during/after Wild games, as well as bars and nightclubs all along the region. Want to learn a popular line dance but haven't done it before? Come on out! We love teaching line dances to beginners who want to have as much fun as we do!

The most fun you can have with your pants on!

(Left to Right)  Christal G, Mackenzie A, Jessi L, Captian Danie G, Captain Melissa P, Nadia H, Katie B, Lyz H and Wendy G (not pictured). We are excited to welcome back Christal and welcome Lyz and Wendy as the newest additions to the team. The three of them are new prospects for the team and will have their official tryout dance March 24th at the Minnesota Wild game afterparty! Stay tuned for our next performance dance, it will blow your mind!  

Current Roster

Dance Tutorials